Why choose Universite Catholique de Lille ?


► 1. The Top Private University in France

Universite Catholique de Lille is France’s largest private university with over 25.500 full time students and 5,000 staff members. The university is a federation composed by 6 Faculties, 20 Schools (vocational training schools and institutes), and 33 research teams, and a hospital complex with 700 beds. As a comprehensive university, Universite Catholique de Lille offers 160 distinct degrees in several major fields of study.


► 2. Our Integral Education

Our teaching methods are based on 5 main ideas:
•    Scientific and technical training based on research,
•    Personal development insisting on the person's fulfilment and the education of one's personal skills (communication, self-knowledge, social opening…),
•    How to conduct a project with active involvement of students and a clear incitement to take responsibilities,
•    The use of new teaching technologies and permanent support by tutors,
•    Intercultural communication training offered both to students and staff.



► 3. Our Campus in the city centre

Universite Catholique de Lille is proud of its unique architectural blend combining neo-gothic buildings with more contemporary constructions.;The university is situated at the centre of the Vauban district, a residential neighbourhood in the heartof the city made up of cosmopolitan markets, stylish shops and beautiful gardens.
On the campus, students have access to shops, pubs, and restaurants which are very convenient for daily life. Besides, the major tourist attractions (Vieux-Lille, Grand Place) are just a 15-minute-walk away from campus.


► 4. An International University

Universite Catholique de Lille prides itself in the international dimension and is very active in fostering international cooperation whether it is exchange programmes or research cooperation. The University has more than 400 worldwide partners and welcomes each year more than 2,000 international students from 100 different countries who contribute strongly to the international feel of the institution.


► 5. A great place to live  

At the centre of the Paris-London-Brussels triangle, Lille has a strategic geographical position in Europe, located less than 350 km radius from major economic capitals through modern and varied infrastructures (motorways, TGV, Eurostar, airports):
- Paris: 1 hour
- Disneyland: 1 hr 15 mins
- « Les Châteaux de la Loire »: 3 hrs
- « La Côte d’Azur » : 5 hrs
- London (UK): 1 hr 40 mins
- Brussels (Belgium): 35 mins
and fast, easy access to other European countries

Lille is also one of the biggest student cities in France with more than 150,000 students. This makes the city young and lively with a lot of cultural activities and festivities going on all year round. Luckily for the students, it is also not a very expensive city.


► 6. Student life

There are more than 300 student associations connected to Universite Catholique de Lille including a university choir, orchestras, theatre clubs, and several sports clubs such as rugby, football, canoeing and sailing. Most of these associations are found in the “Maison de L’Etudiant”, the student house on campus. Moreover, in the Nord- Pas- de Calais region, there are parks and seaside resorts which invite to outdoor activities. Sandy beaches can be found on the coast only 60 minutes away


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