Our international policy


  A Network of Partner Universities all over the World

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  Crossborder Cooperation Projects

Université Catholique de Lille is actively involved in crossborder cooperation projects. Due to its privileged location at a crossroads of Europe, it develops specific projects with partners in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Université Catholique de Lille has taken part in 5 Interreg IV projects supported by the European Union:
-    Dignity in Care (cofinanced by Interreg IV A 2 Seas)
-    KESS (cofinanced by Interreg IV France Wallonie Vlaanderen)
-    SYSIASS (cofinanced by Interreg IV A 2 Seas)
-    i-MOCCA (cofinanced by Interreg IV A 2 Seas)
-    SCODECE (cofinanced by Interreg IV A 2 Seas)
-    meCagrO2 (cofinanced by Interreg IV A 2 Seas)

 Internationalisation at Home

This priority is one of the main aspects of Université Catholique de Lille’s strategy for international development. It aims at internationalizing the University from inside, enabling all members of the University to take advantage of a fully international atmosphere.
The strategy is mainly implemented by the International Office.

►  Actions to foster Internationalisation at Home

•    making an inventory of all courses taught in English at Université Catholique de Lille,
•    coordinating international programmes (Erasmus, Interreg, …),
•    writing the Welcome Charter for International Students and working closely with student associations (FEDE, ESN) and international networks (see below),
•    organizing summer courses for international students with English-taught courses by home faculty members and from partner universities.
•    organizing pre-departure session for outgoing students and orientation sessions for incoming students,
•    supporting the development of training in intercultural communication,
•    developing or supporting the development of international tools of communication.

► International Networks

Université Catholique de Lille is very active in many regional, national and international networks.

Some of them are:

•    EAIE - European Association of International Educators
•    NAFSA - Association of International Educators (USA)
•    UNECC - University Network of European Capitals of Culture
•    SIETAR - Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research
•    IFCU - International Federation of Catholic Universities
•    UDESCA - Union of the Catholic Higher Educational Establishments
•    AIU - International Association of Universities
•    AUF - Association des Universités Francophones


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