European Summer Program (ESP)



LILLE European Summer Program


A true academic experience at the heart of Europe


ESP1: 27 May to 26 June 2019

ESP2: 28 June to 26 July 2019 


or why not expand your options, and your horizons, and stay for both?


12 ECTS Credits  /  6 North American Credits




Created in 2001, the LILLE European Summer Program (ESP) is a four-week academic course offering to students (and instructors) from around the world the opportunity to experience French culture firsthand at the heart of Europe and be part of an international, multicultural student community.
LILLE ESP is tailored to suit your objectives and challenges, while balancing educational and social activities. Students can choose from a large variety of electives, most of them including an important Intercultural Communication component, to fulfil their interests and expand their horizons.
Diversity is what makes our programs and our community so rich: students from all over the world, from different types of institutions, with different backgrounds and perspectives share for one or two months a common experience on a French campus, at the heart of Europe.
LILLE ESP has become more and more successful over the years. From 27 students in 2001, it has welcomed 282 students from 21 countries this past summer alone. We are proud to offer a high-standard academic and social experience: more than 95% of students and staff attending consider that LILLE ESP met with their expectations.
LILLE ESP 2019 will offer our tailor-made, student-centered programs, developed in collaboration with our partner universities, with new exciting electives. It has been designed as a full package including a large variety of academic courses, accommodation, meal and transportation passes, extra-curricular activities, and 24/7 personalized assistance.
Areas of study:
- Liberal Arts 
- Business
- Communication
- Science and Engineering (including French language classes and an elective taught in English) 
- Health
- Law
All courses fulfill ECTS standards and detailed transcripts are available for credit transfer to your own degree program.
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and find out more details on the 2018 ESP Booklet


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ESP 1: 27 May to 26 June 2019


ESP 2: 28 June to 26 July 2019

… or why not expand your options, and your horizons, and stay for both?



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