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      Research in our university is part of a continuum that goes from the most basic research work to the more specialized, always seeking to respond to business needs. Its particularity is that it is carried out in an environment where Faculties and Schools meet and collaborate together through many different disciplines.


The University is a member of the Pôle de Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur (PRES) "Lille Nord de France" that gathers the 6 public universities in Nord Pas de Calais as well as 2 Public Engineering Schools. It enables Universite Catholique de Lille to take part in regional research projects gathering means and skills from the different regional actors.
Exemple : the Living Lab of Humanicité


4 research themes:
• Health
• Science and Technology
• Social and Human Science/Theology/Ethics
• Law/Economics/Management

About 50 teams with about 500 researchers are involved in our research activity. They work on multidisciplinary topics, with a social and environmental dimension, with as a main focus: the person and their well-being in nowadays’s society.




Nicolas Vaillant


in charge of Research


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