Arts and Culture


The cultural project is an important part of our mission of education, research, and service to society.


      Provoke new encounters, make time for experimentation, promote exchange, explore new forms of creativity - these are the missions at the heart of the cultural project at the Université Catholique de Lille. 


This is a university that aims not only to pass on knowledge and skills, but also to train men and women to be free and aware of their environments - human beings open to society, attentive to expressions of thought such as art and spirituality, which offer an understanding of reality that exceeds the purely rational point of view. In brief, men and women who are able to make meaning through actions. 


Our Cultural Centre’s program invites you to discover artists and their works, to share your culture with them, and to build something new together. 


Through shows, exhibitions, conferences, and arts workshops, we hope to stimulate your engagement across three different themes: “Light(s)”, “Bestiaries” and “Territory”.  Encounter surprising, poetic, new perspectives! 


It is our pleasure to welcome you this year to our University.



University Choir


The University Choir


Theatre workshops


  > Goals 
The aim is to make students sensitive to theatre by viewing it as a living art and offering them the possibility of learning how to act, but also how to be an informed and active spectator. Participants work with a professional actor from the "Théâtre du Nord"’s resident company.
What we experienced in 2010 confirmed that the students particularly appreciate "dualistic perspective", alternating between an introduction to the actor’s role, and then how to appreciate high quality performances as a spectator. 

“Intermezzo” Orchestra


The orchestra was founded 16 years ago by a group of engineering students from the HEI engineering school. It is open to all students registered at Lille Catholic University.
The arrival of David Wacheux, professional violinist and saxophonist, has brought a new impulse to the orchestra. Its repertoire is very broad, from classical music to variety, jazz or pop rock.
Rehearsals: once a week at HEI. Concerts, shows, music for special events ...
Contact : BDE HEI - Tél. 03 28 38 48 78 - mail


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