Academic calendars

Calendars and Timetables
The academic year is organized differently depending on whether you are in a faculty or in a college.
In our faculties, the year is divided into 2 semesters, except for the Faculty of Medicine. Each faculty has its own calendar for term dates, exams and holidays.
In general, the year starts in September and finishes by the end of June; exams take place both in January and in May/June but exam dates vary for each department.


There are usually holiday periods for:

- All Saints Day :

one week in October

- Christmas break :

2 weeks in December

- Winter break :

1 week or 2 weeks in February

- Spring break :

2 weeks in April

- Summer holidays :

2 months, July and August


Bank holidays 2014/2015

- All Saints' Day :

November 1st

- Armistice 1918 :

November 11th

- Christmas Day :

December 25th

- New Year's Day :

January 1st

- Easter Monday :

April 6th

- Labour Day :

May 1st

         - Armistice 1945 :             May 8th

- Ascension Day :

May 14th

- Bastille Day :

(National Day of France) July 14th


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