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Higher Education in France

Profile of French Higher Education System

Within the framework of the European harmonization of higher education, university higher education programme is organised in 3 degrees: L (licence-bachelor’s degree), M (Master), D (Doctorate) recognised in all European countries.

The L-M-D European system uses the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System).
. 60 credits represent the workload of one academic year
. 30 credits represent the workload of one academic semester

The first degree is Licence (bachelor’s degree): 180 credits are necessary to get a Licence (6 semesters)

The second degree is Master: There are 2 different Masters:
• Research Master: 120 credits including a research work are necessary to get it (4 semesters after your Bachelor’s degree)
• Professional Master: 120 credits plus a work experience of 3 to 5 months according to the subject, plus an internship report are necessary to get it (4 semesters after Licence)
The third degree is Doctorate: 180 credits, plus a doctoral thesis, plus attending a certain number of seminars are necessary to get it (6 semesters after Master.)

One particularity of the French educational system is that the students can choose between three different types of educational establishments.
which offer degree courses in nearly all subjects.
 “Grandes Ecoles",
elite colleges which offer very high level specialised courses in subjects like business, politics or engineering. These establishments are very selective.
Vocational colleges
covering a wide range of professional courses from agriculture to design or occupational therapy. These colleges prepare students specifically for a particular career.
For further information:

--- Universite Catholique de Lille is unique in its combination of faculties, “grandes ecoles”, and vocational colleges (see our academic departments).

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